Landfill Hannover - Construction of a reinforced earth structure with gabion fronts.

The new dimension in Railways.

40% construction cost savings through a reinforced earth structure.

Advanced safety with Bentofix® X.F

Secugrid® geogrid installation - modern road construction over mining regions

Landfill sealing with NAUE geosynthetics

Coastal protection with NAUE geosynthetics

Installation of NAUE Carbofol® and Secutex® in modern tunneling

Secugrid® reinforced slopes and retaining walls

Greenock - Scotland

Waterproofing with Bentofix® GCL from NAUE.

The NAUE Geosynthetics trailer.

The world of geosynthetics in one minute.

The 4 column experiment 2010 at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar in germany.

In may 2010, engineers and professors of the Bauhaus Univers of Weimar attempted to show how simply and effectively embankments could be reinforced.

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